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The menu that helps you touch less

Contactless menus provide a richer experience with support for images, always up to date pricing, and all without downloading an app.

Contactless menus can be placed at counters, tables, or doors for customers to scan and open your digital menu.

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"I like the ease of editing the menu without generating a new QR Code every time, as our menu changes frequently. QR Code menus significantly reduced our printing costs & time in copying them. We don't run out of menus or rush to copy more!"

Anuj Pandey - Green Onion's OWNER

Contactless is the new normal.

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Digital Menu Made Easy.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of changing the QR Code every time you change the menu. Go to the FoodGanjMenu dashboard, edit the menu content and you're updated with new content..

Safety First

Safer for Everyone


Reduce the risk of virus transmission, keeping your customers and employees safe.

No app download required

Easy to build & update


Scanning a QR Code menu doesn't require a third-part app. Your diners can scan the QR Code using their phone's camera.

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